Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mount Monadnock

Sammy and Savannah, I wonder what their future will hold?

Snack time

Matt helped Sammy with some of the harder parts but can you believe my Sammy climbed HERE?!?!?

Love this picture of Matt and Sam together!!!

Matt went with Sam, Ivan and Savannah and hiked Mount Monadnock yesterday! I am so happy that Sam got to go on a hike with Daddy, and that Matt got to do something enjoyable:-) It sounds like they had a good time. Sam was completely exhausted when he got home. Matt brought a big backpack that Sam could ride in if he got too tired, but for the most part he did the whole hike himself:-) Can't believe my baby is hiking mountains now. Mount Monadnock is 3,165 feet (965 m) tall. Still can't believe Sammy climbed most of this himself and then came back down.

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