Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GI update and Coordinated Care at MGH

We went back in to MassGeneral today and saw the GI doc as well as the pediatrician and NP in the coordinated care clinic. I will go through each appointment...
C.C.C docs talked alot about the possibility that this complaining about food being blocked is somehow related to his tonsils, although they both said yes, his tonsils were big but not huge. The left tonsil is irritated and inflammed but not infected. They recommended telling the ENT about the recent complaints, and both feel like the likelihood of him needing his tonsils out is pretty good possibility. So I left a message with the ENT to see what his thoughts are.
GI is pretty concerned with the recent events and Sam's complaints of belly pain and complaints that there is something blocking the food from going down. They are changing his prevacid to Prilosec to see if that changes anything. The other thing is they are going to scope him again:-( This time they will not be doing the colonoscopy but just the endoscopy. The risk of him getting a hematoma or bleeding from this is minimal.
So now we are just praying that the prilosec works, or that God heals him and we don't have to put him under general anesthesia AGAIN!!!:-(
It is so hard to not get discouraged and overwhelmed with all that is going on. I am trying to stay focused on God and His goodness, and the knowledge that His Will will prevail in this situation. Please pray for my boy please

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thinking of you and your boy xx