Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potty Training Chronicles Day Two

Number of Accidents= every time she peed:-(
Number of dirty outfits= a whole laundry load

Today was not a good day on the potty training front. Unfortunately Miss Sophia woke up last night complaining of eye pain, and it was very difficult to console her. She has complained of eye pain off and on for most of the summer but it has always been when we were outside playing in the wind, or other random situations where I really felt like her eye could feel dry, or there could be an eye lash or something like that. I didn't really worry about it before last night, but since she had woken up from sleeping it became a bit more concerning.
I called the doctors office first thing this morning and they wanted me to bring her in first thing. Dr V looked as well as she could and couldn't see anything. She was concerned about some thing about refractory something or other, and wanted us to see a pedi opthamologist. When the doctors office called the eye doc they were concerned enough to get us seen today. Dr V said that if the eye doctor proved to be uneventful then they would look into other avenues to see if they can figure this out. She talked about doing a Head CT, so I guess we shall see....
They dilated her pupils and didn't see anything but some type of inflammatory response, he said that this could indicate a multitude of things but there wasn't anything that was jumping out at him as too concerning. So for now I am just supposed to notify him if she continues to complain.

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