Friday, August 27, 2010

Sounds more complicated than expected....

The most recent time we were at the hospital, over the winter. Just hanging out and taking a nap

Posing with one of the nurses. He has them ALL wrapped around his finger8-)

Talking to Daddy on the phone last year when he had the scope done that lead to us really knowing that he had a bleeding problem...

Since we couldn't go play outside, Meme' took him for a ride on his IV pole8-)

Thrilled to pieces with his clear diet: He was so excited to eat as many popsicles as he wanted

Had a lengthy conversation with the charge nurse where Sam will be having his endoscopy on tuesday. She was confirming with me the details of the plan, and going over the hematologist's plan to pre-medicate Sammy for the procedure to help prevent hemorrhaging. Only I wasn't informed of this plan until this nurse discussed it with me. She also wondered if Sam would be staying overnight just to be observed which makes sense but I didn't even think about this, and GI doc didn't mention anything about staying over, so I am not sure what the plan will be now. If they are going with the hematologist medication plan we have to go in a couple of hours earlier so they can give him the medication via IV, if they don't then we just have to go in an hour prior to the procedure. Sam of course doesn't mind staying over in the hospital, he thinks it is kind of fun. As seen above in the old picture:-)
I am thankful that I will be able to stay with him until he is asleep, so at least he won't be afraid or feeling alone. And they allow me to be with him before he wakes up so I will be there when he opens his eyes. They will be intubating him which always makes me nervous but I know that God will be with him through it all.
It is so strange, this emotion of fear. I know that God has called me to not be afraid. But talking with this nurse tonight has certainly made me anxious. She kept asking me all these different questions about each body system and since the last procedure there have been several new issues that have arisen: the difficulty regulating his body temp, the increased bleeding, the difficulty with swollowing with gagging/vomiting, the apneic and bradycardic episodes....
Trying to F.R.O.G- Fully Rely On GOD!!!! Ps. 22:8 - He trusted in the Lord, let Him rescue Him; Let Him deliver Him, since He delights in Him!

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