Saturday, August 7, 2010

Odd Pine Farm

The second time we filled the bucket, after Sophia dumped it out the first time

The munchkins and I

Auntie Deanna with the kiddos

Today we went blue berry picking at Odd Pine Farm. This farm is quite a cool place and has been around for 51 years! They had several varieties of blueberries, and they were pretty tall so there was no bending involved, which was great for my back, which has really been pretty uncomfortable the last few days.
There was a little old lady that was also picking. The kids absolutely loved her and kept talking with her while we were there. She really seemed to enjoy them, and the kids really enjoyed her.
We got quite a few blueberries but I plan to go back one more time to get more.
Potty training has gone well on day 6. Sophia has done well getting to the bathroom multiple times. She did have two accidents and also a stool but we are making progress slow and steady.

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