Friday, August 6, 2010

Potty Training Chronicles Day Five and Heywood IVIG

Sammy and Carol (at his birthday party)

Today was NOT a good potty day! Sam had his IVIG today at Heywood, and therefore Sophia was with a friend. She didn't go on the potty once while there.:-( I am disappointed but oh well.
Sammy did well today with the IVIG. Nurse Carol was there and he just loves her. He went running down the hall and jumped into her arms, it made me so nervous, since her due date with baby number 3 is tomorrow, and I was afraid that she would get knocked over. She got the IV in on the first try, the labs were drawn easily. Sam complained all day that he didn't feel well, and actually stayed in the bed all day. He said he was so sick everywhere. He had a period where both his temp and heart rate increased but then they normalized again. I am not sure what will happen with the IVIG, if we will end up switching brands or something else.
Poor little guy stayed in the bed all afternoon, but when my sister Deanna got there he totally perked up and climbed all over her for a few minutes. Hoping that whatever is brewing will be averted since we got the IVIG today.

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