Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Training Chronicles Day One

Number of Accidents= 3 (two were just in process of getting to the potty and not
quick enough, one was just a true accident)
Length between Attempts= 20minutes
# of stickers and M&M's= 6
Number of times I attempted the potty dance= too numerous to count

Sophia cried when I put her panties on this AM, but she quickly became okay. We sat on the potty as soon as she got up and she peed! She acted shocked. Sammy jumped up and down and clapped for her. I shouted and clapped. She then got to pick her sticker and an M & M. I then set the timer to go off every twenty minutes throughout the morning. She had one accident, in the attempt to get to the potty.
Then we drove to the playground and played for about 30-45minutes, I offered her to go potty here but she didn't go. She made it all the way home from the playground without an accident and went when we got home. I was so impressed. Sammy ran around the house yelling "Go Sophie Go Sophie!!!"
WE played outside and she did have a little accident while we were out but still did well. She also came with me to the chiropractors office and didn't have an accident that trip either! She did have an accident while eating supper, but not during nap. All in all day one was a success!!!

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