Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bleeding again 8-(

It has been a busy few days, this past week we had VBS at our church, and had over 200 kids come! It was so amazing to see God working in the lives of young children. Sammy was actually old enough to go this year and he had a wonderful time when he felt healthy enough to go.
Unfortunately this week we have started to see Sam bleeding again. He has had many bloody noses this week, and on friday I was getting concerned so I called his hematologist. She wanted us seen by his primary, so we saw her, who also wanted to check his stools for blood. So now we are having bloody noses and bloody stools. The bleeding disorder must be rearing it's ugle head at us this week.
We head into Boston monday and tuesday for three different doctors appointments. I am praying that someone can find an answer to this, or that our Lord will heal him.
Sam said the greatest thing the other day, he said "Mommy people who don't ask Jesus into their hearts are so so silly!" I am so thankful that Jesus is so real to him and that Sam is already building his relationship with Him. I can't wait to see what God has planned for this amazing boy of mine. It is amazing how God reminds me that He is still here even through the midst of all the worries when something is going on with Sam
Have a blessed day!!!

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Liz said...

Hi found you on the blog frog. Sounds like you have a sweet little boy who loves Jesus with all his heart.
Prayer are going out for you and your family today.