Friday, August 20, 2010

A new plan

I got a call from the hospital where they were going to do Sammy's scope next week, they are now thinking that they shouldn't do it there, and that they should actually do it in Boston. With his history of the hematoma they are concerned that if there were any complications that they wouldn't be able to handle them at this hospital, the strange thing is is that it isn't this tiny little rinky dink hospital. It is Newton Wellesley which is a relatively large hospital. I will get a call back from them on monday to confirm the new plan
He seems to be doing well today. He spent the day with his grandparents, and had a good time at the lake with them. I unfortunately have no pictures of this. Sophia and I went to a playground with her little friend Tristan today. She had a fun day too!!!

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Bobbie - Clumsy Crafter said...

thanks for visiting my blog ( I'm praying for your son and believing that he'll be healed and have a great testimony to tell one day.