Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's done!!! 8-)

Phew yesterday was an exhausting day! They had us go in for the scope, and they placed an IV (which by the way a male placed and Sam did not like this at all:-( Poor kid, I think was afraid of him). They gave him an IV dose of a medication called Amicar to help him clot. So that when they did biopsies he wouldn't bleed. The medication worked wonderfully, and he had NO bleeding!!! Thank you Lord!
They did two different biopsies and we should hopefully have those results by sometime next week. They are testing for a variety of things, the one thing I am wondering about is whether he does have some allergic inflammation in there. If he does, then I think they will recommend us going through allergy testing again, since it has been so inconclusive in the past. We shall see....
My brother, SIL, my sister, and a friend all flew in from Florida yesterday and came right up to the hospital to see us. It was such a great distraction for us. Sam had a blast playing with them.
Here are some pics from hte other day that I didn't get to post...

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