Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well I hate to sound whiny and complainy but let me tell you that cardiology appointment was a complete waste off time. The nurse was fabulous and seemed very concerned when telling her what had been going on with Sam in the past several months. The cardiologist on the other hand, wasn't in the room for five minutes, didn't listen to the whole story, just quickly placed his stethescope on Sam's chest and declared that none of this is cardiology related. That's all fine and good, but how do you know??? Mom has significant heart problems and you can't HEAR it with a stethescope!!! Anyways good I hope he is right but it doens't seem as though he did a good job to rule out the issue.
I am finally starting to feel better. Went to an acupuncturist and that made a huge difference in my lower back. A lot of people are afraid of acupuncture but this is my second time and both times I have gotten really great results. I just wish it wasn't so expensive, or that insurance covered it or something. Oh well, at least it is better.
I haven't taken any good pics in the last few days but hopefully today can get some good ones of my little munchkins. Sammy went to the campground yesterday with Matt's parents, but unfortunately the weather was terrible and he was bored and Matt had to go get him. Better luck next time I guess....

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