Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July celebrations

We kind of had a 3 day celebration this year for indpendance day. WE celebrated Sam's party on saturday, the 4th with my parents on sunday, and then on the 5th we had a barbecue with Matt's family. It was quite the busy weekend with the sleep study and all. All in all we had a great time...
We did have a little mishap while with the Weber's though, Sophia was attempting to get down off a picnic table bench and fell face first into the pavement. Poor little thing, the jury is still out whether or not she broke her nose. I actually contacted our primary on the way home, and she gave me instructions and we will just wait it out....

Oh how I love this face:-)

Sam is a little fish and each time we get in the water he does something more daring, he is such a joy to watch thrive

Sophia and Papa, exploring together. She has absolutely no qualms about getting in too deep when we are in a lake, and will walk until it is past her mouth

Sometimes no matter how hard I try I just can't get him to cooperate for a picture

Little Miss Firecracker herself:-) Don't you just love how perfect her bows match her shorts? My sister in law made them, check out her site:

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