Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sammy's 4th birthday party

I can hardly believe that my little baby boy is just about four years old! We have had such an incredible journey with him. I feel blessed to call him my son, and I can't wait for the wonderful plan that God unfolds in his life. With all the craziness of the upcoming weeks we celebrated his birthday a little early, and as you can see he didn't mind one bit....

When we asked Sammy what type of birthday party he wanted he said that he wanted a monster truck party. I was kind of concerned thinking that we wouldn't really be able to do much with such last minute planning. But a friend of mine from the hospital made this awesome cake, and it tasted good too:-)

Our niece Ava enjoying Sam's cake:-)

Sophia and Daddy enjoying Sam's cake

Sammy liked it too:-)

Blowing out the candles (not sure why these crazy pictures posted in mixed up order)

My dear friend Carol from the hospital who is also our new IVIG nurse:-) As you can see Carol and Sammy have a special bond

Monster Truck Pinata (again not really sure why these pictures posted in the wrong order)

Sammy and his little friend Kaedan. They are both little fish:-)

Julianna with one of the coolest squirt guns ever:-)

Sophia thinking about the pool, but never actually getting in

My beautiful niece Allayna

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