Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sam likes carrying the sprinkle more than running around in it

Lately we have gotten to spend lots of time with Auntie Deanna, and we LOVE it and her!! We miss our Auntie Denise, Doreen and Lyndsea though:-(

Love sun hats:-)

My little beauty queen and I

Auntie Deanna and Sophia

Auntie Deanna, Sophia and General, my parent's 100+ pound rottweiler:-) The kids love seeing the dogs swim

Sam and Sophia with Meme and Grandpa

We had our hematology appointment at MGH today. The appointment went really well. I really feel so blessed to have such good competent doctors taking care of Sam. Both the hematologist at Children's and at MGH are completely on the same page with treating Sam for bleeding before during and after his surgery. That is comforting.
Unfortunately while we were there when she did her assessment peaked in Sam's mouth/throat she noted it to be very inflammed. So she actually did a culture for Strep Throat today. We will get those results tomorrow. Poor little guy, she thinks it is probably a viral infection, but just wanted to rule out Strep.
This week has been in the 90s all week and it has been miserably humid. Thankfully we have been swimming every day over at Meme and Grandpa's. It has been so fun. The kids are really doing well and becoming more adventurous in the water. Sam has started swimming without floaties this week under water!!! I am still so amazed by him! He has also started jumping off the diving board:-)

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