Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sleep Study

After Sam's party we drove into Children's and had his sleep study done. He was such a trooper. Someone lent us their leapster for him to use on our way into the city, so thankfully he didn't fall asleep on the way. When we got there they did the usual stuff, vital signs, height and weight etc. We then began an HOUR AND A HALF LONG process of attaching all the leads and monitoring equipment to him, there were more than 35 things that they attached. He was such a trooper through the whole thing (AS USUAL).
He wasn't allowed to sleep in a regular bed and was put in a crib which did not make him too happy but he did ok. He was supposed to stay completely flat on his back with his head straight for the entire study which meant that they were constantly coming in to adjust him and straighten him out. Which also then means that noone really got good sleep. But he was awesome as always. Now we will just wait for the results which I guess take about two weeks

Snacking on some blueberried prior to the lead placement

Still smiling after more than an hour and a half of lead placements

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