Monday, July 19, 2010


Well after seeing the ENT last week and him saying we needed to see a cardiologist, I am happy to announce that we have an appointment this week!!! I am just so thankful to God for opening the door and allowing us to get this appointment so quickly! I am not at all sure what will come of this whole cardilogy thing but we are praying for good reports for Sam. It seems like the older he gets the more specialists we are acquiring, which brings me to my next point: I am just so thankful for good insurance and good hospitals and doctors that can take care of my special boy, but more than that I am praising God for all of His provision for us and for Sam.
I am still struggling with the back/neck pain and muscle spasms. Went back in today and the doctor has me out of work through friday, he prescribed another muscle relaxant, and really reprimanded me for not taking the other one as frequently as prescribed. But I hate taking medication so that is why I hadn't taken it, but now I will. I also went to a new chiropractor who was wonderful, she said my back was a mess, which I already knew but she seems to think she should be able to get me back in alignment with frequent visits over the next three weeks.

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