Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter fun with Daddy

It seems like this year with all of Sammy's temperature issues that we are missing all of the fun of winter:-( Last year Matt made a little tiny hill in our backyard and Sammy went sledding and has been asking all winter every time it snows if he can go sledding or play out in the snow. Well we finally let him the other day, we had a couple of days of an almost normal temp, and it wasn't too cold so out he went and he had a blast. It was only like 20minutes or so but he had fun.
AS we continue to wait for more blood work results we have to keep trusting in God to keep him safe. And on those days when his body is warm, we will got out and enjoy this CRAZY NEW ENGLAND WEATHER!!!

Not quite sure what they were doing but they were having fun doing it:-)

My baby boy growing up SO FAST

So handsome! Yup he does have pink mittens, couldn't manage to find his so we borrowed Sophia's. He might not let me get away with that much longer:-)

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