Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jump, jump, jump!!!

When Sam is sick it is easy to forget that for the most part he is a happy and active kid who leads a happy although not typical life of a 3 year old. He has friends, he plays with his sister, he jumps on the bed etc etc. These are the days that we are fighting for and the days that we pray come more and more frequently. These are the days that we know that we are doing the right treatment for him. And so right now as he is sick, I remind myself from these pics from the past, that God is in control and that God knows Sam's future and that His plan is to prosper him and not to harm him. Thank you God for loving my boy, for healing him, and for making him such a happy little guy!!! Please continue to pray for him that this antibiotic does the trick, and that this coming week will lead us to more answers for Sam

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