Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Aunt Leslie and Uncle Bruce

Sophia being the very independant little girl that she is, decided that the dogs cage was for her. And Uncle Bruce (jokingly) argued with her that he was a cop and that she needed to listen to him. She argued right back at him, when he told her to get out of the cage, she said no. When he said "Do you know that I am a police officer?" She said No. He asked her if she wanted to see his badge, and she said no. The conversation between the two of them was so funny. Here you have this big man telling her to do something in a somewhat stern voice and she is telling him no. I guess that is a hint as to what the future holds with her. He also took her for a ride in Grammies HoverRound:-)

While in Virginia we got to spend time with Uncle Bruce and Aunt Leslie too. Aunt Leslie, the kids and I took a walk to the local playground and had a blast with the kids. Sure do wish we could go to the playground in january at home!!!

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