Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here we go again! Please excuse this post if you don't want to hear complaining. Tonight I am just totally struggling, feeling completely overwhelmed and alone. I mean in my head I KNOW that I am not alone, but tonight in my heart I am feeling that way.
I spoke with the hematologist, who essentially said, that since it is not a huge amount of bleeding there isn't anything they can do until it is a crisis. So essentially knowing that he has something wrong with his platelets, just allows me to have something else to be worried/scared about. They essentially can't treat it until he is in crisis. Pretty scary:-(
The GI nurse called this afternoon and the GI doc is going to see him tomorrow after his IVIG. I am thrilled with the fact that they are getting him right in but petrified at what they are going to want to do about this bleeding. I mean do I let them do the scope again if they want to? What if he starts hemorrhaging again and they can't stop it? What if they do the procedure for the third time and still can't determine the exact cause of the bleeding? What if it is a platelet problem and there is nothing GI can do to fix it? What if it isn't???
Please please pray...

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