Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Auntie TeeTee, NeeNee, and Uncle Danny with Love

We had a wonderful call with our Auntie TeeTee today (but she is all the way in Oregon) so unfortunately we don't get to see her. My kids LOVE talking to her on the phone, and Sammy especially likes to tell her about his toysand what he has been up to. This is the typical conversation...
"So how are you Sammy? What are you up to? I love you and miss you so much."
"So TeeTee I am good. I am watching a show, and playing with T-Rex. TeeTee you know the other day what I did?" So tonight we decided to show you TeeTee, what we have been up to. We would love to show you in person if you want HINT. HINT:-)

We wish we were hugging you instead! We miss you and love you so much! This is us sending our hugs to you!!!

These are my babies auntie do you like them?

This is my kitchen, I will make you a snack if you come over

See Auntie this is my monster truck, you want to drive it with me?

This is T-Rex, I will share him if you want to come and play

This is our work bench that we got from Auntie Tracy and Uncle Tim, we love to build all kinds of stuff here