Monday, January 25, 2010

New day

Sammy seems to be feeling much better, thank you Lord! The antibiotics seem to be helping him tremendously. He has intermittently been having loose stools, but prayerfully it won't be anything too problematic. His temperature have been normal too, no more cold boys, well tonight he was cool, but it may have been from the bath and he actually spiked a temp the other day. He is so hysterical and says some of the funniest things...
Yesterday "Hey mommy can you tell me when one minute is over?" Sure Sam why? "Welll becuase I put Sophie in time out and I need to wait for one minute to get her out" And there over on the steps is the little princess sitting with a scowl on her face waiting to be allowed to get out. I almost burst out laughing, I had to try so hard to not laugh. So he went over to her and asked her why she had been put in time out, and she said "I hit" and he said "it's not ok to hit, now you have to apologize." Oh my goodness, he does hear me occasionally! All this trying to teach them right and wrong is working:-)
Today he was being a little fresh and rude and then asked what we were doing tomorrow, I told him that we weren't going to be able to do anything as people don't want to be around naughty kids. His response "Fine I will change my behavior." Oh my goodness, can't believe my three year old talks like this. Smarty!!!
In other news, taking Sophia to the doc in the AM, thinking she possibly may have an ear infection and sinus as well. Please keep her in your prayers. Thanks

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