Friday, January 22, 2010

Sick sick sick

So we went and saw Dr V today. Sam has bilateral ear infections, a sinus infection and a ton of post nasal drip 8-( I feel so bad for him. The weird thing is that he hasn't had a cough, runny nose, or even complained that his ears are bothering him. Although it is awful to have him sick, this is almost a relief as at least we have a reason for the crazy temperature fluctuations this week. Dr V thinks his body just isn't capable of handling the stress of being sick so it reacts with the crazy temperature fluctuations. We obviously still need to go see an endocrinologist to see what is going on here, but at least we aren't looking at his body being incapable of maintaining his temp with no reason. So we have ten days of amoxicillin, and lots and lots of praying that we don't get C. Diff in the process
I spoke with a nurse tonight who has a daughter with an extremely rare medical condition that almost took her life before the doctors had even determined what the cause was. She was really helpful, and really recommends trying to get in to a geneticist to see if there is anything that they can determine. It certainly would seem that the oddness of his symptoms would possibly belong to some type of syndrome, and if we knew that maybe we could take care of him better.
I am just praying that God continues to lead and guide all of us in caring for Sam. That he is able to continue being the happy playful beautiful spirit that he is and that he continues to thrive.

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