Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Papa's Birthday

The man of the hour

My niece welcoming him to the party

Sam and my niece Ava cuddling with Papa

(not the right order) this is when he first arrived

Greeting my nephew Jacob

This is a perfect example of my father in law. Just prior to him walking in the door Sophia got her fingers shut in the hinge side of a door:-( It was terrible, and I was so so thankful that her fingers weren't broken. She desperately wanted her Papa because she knew he would make her feel better, and he did:-)

Sleeping beauty sleeping on her daddy

The cake:-)

Blowing out the candles with his grandchildren's assistance

The photo book we made

The whole Weber family

We also got to celebrate my wonderful father in law this past weekend. This man is truly wonderful and I am so blessed to be a part of his family. He is kind and compassionate, loving, funny, hard working, dedicated, selfless, and most importanly a Godly man.
I can't even begin to tell you how much he has helped us and been there for us through all kinds of things. If he is needed he is there. He has been so helpful with so many household projects, and has also been willing to go to work a few minutes late to help us with childcare several times.
So this weekend we got to celebrate him and his truly amazing "Legacy of Love." Matt's brother Tim and his family along with ours made book for him entitled the legacy of love. It was one of those photo books. He seemed as though he really enjoyed it. I am thankful that I could take part in celebrating him. My sister in law Tracy planned the whole party. She is very talented at organizing and planning (something I am truly terrible at):-) So I was so thankful that she did this whole party, and just let me know what I needed. It went very smoothly and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks Tracy! You did a great job!!!

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