Friday, November 26, 2010

More about Thanksgiving

Auntie Johanna and Sophia

Sammy eating cranberry sauce (yes he ate the whole bowl)

Auntie Deanna and Sam

My two brothers carving the turkey, Dennis and DJ

Deanna and Doreen, the twins:-)

Doreen and Matt

Sam and Uncle Dennis

Sophia and Uncle DJ

We got to go to my mom's this year. We had 14 people. It was the perfect size. The kids were the only kids there so they were spoiled which of course they love. My brother DJ came up from Florida which was fabulous. My brother Dennis and his wife Johanna (along with her parents and sister), my sister's Deanna and Doreen and my parents. It was awesome!
The food came out really well. My brothers and father fried the turkey and it was delicious. We had sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, squash, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, pumpkin rolls, corn bread, mashed potatoes, rolls, and stuffing (although we forgot to serve it!) It was all delicious:-)
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. And at this time of year I am reminded how blessed I am. Both Matt and I have dependable jobs that provide for us, we have an amazing church and church family that is so wonderful and supportive, we have family that is so so helpful and loving, I have two amazing children. We have wonderful doctors taking care of Sam, we have wonderful neighbors. And most importantly we have a God who loves us unconditionally and who supplies all our needs.
It is easy to get caught up in the stress of having a sick child, or in the disappointment of what we would like to see happen, or what we wish we had and don't. But if you take a step back, and look around there is such tremendous provision from God. Yeah maybe we wish we had more of something, or that someone was a little different, or that Sam wasn't sick, but in the place of those wishes we have been given something we wouldn't otherwise have. My faith has certainly been stretched, my heart has been broken and is being reshaped. My mind has been in turmoil, but God gives me rest. My body has been in pain, but God comforts me. I have been filled with fear, but I KNOW that God is in charge and that takes the fear. Each trial we face brings us to a deeper relationship with our maker. And although I am not to the point where I can say I am glad that Sammy is sick, I can say that I am thankful for the places it has brought me.
WE go into MassGeneral tomorrow for another sleep study. And although this sounds weird I hope he has a tough night sleeping, so that they can see how much he struggles so often at home. So please keep him in your prayers. Pray for his doctors that they have wisdome to help him, and for us that we make the right decisions regarding his care.

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