Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More stress....

I am trying to remain positive lately but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed. There is so much STUFF going on right now. And I feel like I am sinking underneath it all. Please just pray for our family, for HUGE decisions that have to be made, for Sam's health and decisions that need to be made regarding him, for my back/job situation, and that I have the wisdom/strength to make the right decisions.
Sam has been "a little off all weekend" with intermittent low grade temps, fussy, and sleeping a lot more than normal. Now this totally could be nothing but it could also could be him getting sick, just never know with Sam. I finally heard back from pulmonology yesterday. I had been hoping that since he had wanted to see him in six weeks after "the urgent sleep study" that we wouldn't have to see him until january, because that is when the "urgent sleep study" is. So that gives us appt's next month in Coord. Care Clinic, with GI, immunology, ENT, pulmonology, his primary, and IVIG x2. It's going to be hectic with the holidays.
We went out to eat on saturday with some friends of ours. It was so fun! The kids behaved really well, and the food was fabulous:-) On sunday we had family portraits taken by a fabulous photographer, I can't wait to show them to you. She also did some of just Sammy too. I think they are going to be amazing.:-)
God spoke to me so clearly on sunday at church. Our Pastor preached about miracles, and being faithful and continuing to trust God with all your needs. A big part of the sermon was about "The Widows olive oil" in 2 Kings 2:4. Here this woman had nothing and creditors were coming to take her children as slaves to repay a debt. She cried out for help, and God heard her prayer. He provided enough oil for her to pay her debt and to live off of.
Our Pastor said "the miracle is in the house." I am believing for that miracle in my house and in my life. I know God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all expectations and I am eagerly awaiting His answer to my prayers.

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