Friday, November 12, 2010

Ben and Josiah

Oh my goodness, in the last year I have been so blessed to have met a woman named Meg and her family. She has four children, two boys and two girls. She is a Christian and her and her husband are an inspiration to me. They have been through alot, and yet their faith remains so strong and visible. It is inspiring. I so enjoy her company, and my kids absolutely adore her children. It is just fabulous. God has truly blessed me with this friendship. It is nice because I bring the kids on a playdate and mommy gets to have a mommy daate:-)
AT this get together the kiddos made english muffin pizza. Sam and Sophia are totally in to cooking lately. Ben and Josiah are supposedly not identical twins, but I don't believe it. Sam seems to be able to tell them apart, but I certainly can't. This day though Ben was wearing blue so that is how I knew who was who.

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