Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been reading a blog for a little while now called "Bowen's Heart." Bowen is a little boy who has some pretty significant cardiac defects and has already had heart surgery and is only a few weeks old. His father belongs to an amazing Christian music band called "Sanctus Real." I am so unbelievably inspired reading their blog. As they are struggling with their sons medical issues, as they are dealing with being separated from their other children, as they are being separated due to his job, his main focus is glorifying God. He wrote a post today about loving their son through all of this turmoil, about how their suffering is nothing compaired to what Bowen is going through. He states that he wants to leave a legacy of faith for his children. And I must say I believe the path that he is walking and the faith that is multiplying through this time with Bowen is an answer to that desire.
And then he shared an amazing new song, that I cannot wait to purchase, the song is entitled "I couldn't love you more." As parents God gives us these precious children to love and cherish. And we love them to our fullest capability, and even though I couldn't love my two precious miracles anymore, God does.:-) I (STILL) haven't figured out how to post a link properly, but if you can go to this link and listen to this song. It is unbelievable. Listen and let this song bless your heart. And to my precious miracles, I couldn't possibly love you any more but God can (and does)

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