Saturday, March 1, 2008

I learned my lesson:(

So I guess I got a little too carried away yesterday with being a normal person. I know I know the doctor said minimal activity but how can I with a 19mo old? Anyways by last night I was contracting very frequently, more frequent than two minutes at times. I prayed and asked God to slow them down and then got in the tub, to see if the warm water would slow them down too, and thankfully it did. So now I really will be more careful. In other good news I did get some of my blood work results today: MY LIVER TESTS ARE NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God!!
I got my Christmas present from Matt today:) It is a glider rocker. When he ordered it it was on backorder for 8weeks! So it is finally here, and Sammy and I have already fallen asleep in it. It is fantastic!!!
We have gotten yet another snow storm, I wonder when it will ever end. Sammy and Matt will go out to play after Sam wakes from his nap. He just loves it out there, I wish that I could be out there with them.

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