Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well it is hard to believe that it is already the second day since we had her. She is doing amazingly well. They were concerned with her breathing yesterday and ended up doing a chest x-ray and blood work but all of htat came back normal. She is starting to eat which I am so thankful for. It took Sammy like four or five days to figure out how to suck when he was in the NICU. Sophia was only 4 days later in utero than him, but more than a pound bigger and has already figured out how to eat.:) Here are some pictures from yesterday and today, the aunties, uncles and cousins. There is also a picture of Daddy snuggling with his girl. I just love seeing him with her, it is so different with a girl. I know it will only get better. She weighed 5lb 1oz today and is eating like a champion:)

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