Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

We have so much to be thankful for this Easter. Thank you God for the sacrifice of your son, and for the cross and for the forgiveness you have given us. Thank you for the beautiful family that you have blessed us with. Thank you for the love and support that has surrounded us during these last few months. Thank you God!!! We wish and pray for a Happy Easter for all of you. We left the hospital this morning just in time to go to church for Easter service, I just needed to be there to give thanks for all that God has done for us.
Well I was convinced that we would have to stay another day here in the hospital, but after some pretty strong begging the doctor she allowed us to come home. Sophia was 4lb 11oz today, and her bilirubin had gone up to 10.4. The level wasn't high enough to put her back under the lights. The doctor started us on breast milk fortifier to add calories to my milk, as well as supplementing with high calorie formula. So we will go home today and I will feed her like crazy and pray that tomorrow things are better. Sammy just loves to hold her and kiss her. He came across a thermometer today and knew exactly what to do with it. Can you tell he has been to the hospital a few times?

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