Saturday, March 15, 2008

All kinds of stuff

What a busy week we have had. We have been busy (not really me physically). Well we went up to see Matt's brother and his wife and kids on thursday. It was so nice the pictures are from then. Sammy just loves playing with his cousins, although was quite jealous when I even acknowledged my little niece Ava. We shall see how he adjusts when Sophia gets here. We also went to Matt's parents for dinner this week too. Sammy also decided that Daddy's ties were fair game and wore several of them at once.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor said that she didn't think I would make it until next friday and that we would induce next week. So we were anxious and excited. My blood work had gotten a bit worse between last friday and tuesday when I saw her, so she had already talked to the OBs and we were working on a plan to induce next week. They repeated labs yesterday and although they were worse, they are going to try to wait until 36wks to induce me, which means it will be Good Friday! She may be here for Easter. I am a little more uncomfortable each day and wake up with a swollen face and hands. My BP was up yesterday too. I guess we will see what God has in store for this coming week.

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