Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Anybody out there know how to get a breech baby to turn? Her head is so far up into my ribs and so uncomfortable, not to mention where her feet are:) Sam had a follow up appointment with the immunologist today. He is happy with how he is doing, and happy to hear he has gained a pound since january: my little porkchop is 26pounds, of course this is fully clothed but still:) He said we don't need to see him again until the summer. He feels that the gammaglobulin transfusionss are doing phenominally. I of course know that it is God keeping him strong and healthy through the transfusions:)
I am feeling a little better and a little worse. I have started having the liver pain again, the dull pains almost constantly and occasionally the sharp pains. I woke up both yesterday and today with a lot of swelling in my face and hands. I saw the doctor yesterday, my liver tests are slightly more elevated, but my BP was okay. She said I am either getting sick like the flu, or my body is just about done with this whole thing. So please continue to keep us in your prayers. I just want to make it another week. It would be weird to have the baby on Good Friday or Easter but that is my goal to make it to then, because then I will be 36wks. My ultrasound that I had on monday put me eight days behind, and last week my ultrasound put me 3 days behind, so apparently her growth is starting to slow down. But she is still bigger than Sammy was.

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