Friday, February 29, 2008

33weeks and counting!!!

I am so thrilled to still be pregnant. This whole bedrest thing is really getting on my nerves, but I keep reminding myself that each day is another day closer to being full term and not having to do the NICU thing. I am surrounded by such wonderful family and friends who are all making this situation much more bearable. My friend Carol had us over and took SAmmy to see her animals, which he was quite nervous about but then he got a little more comfortable. I feel better when he gets to at least play with other people normally. It is hard not not do the typical mommy things that I love to do with him, and except other people doing those things.

I had a doctor's appointment today. I am 33wks! I don't think anyone expected taht I would make it this far. I know the doctors didn't BUt God is in control, and His plan is perfect, I am praying that His plan includes making it to 36wks so I can deliver here. I still have protein in my urine, she did more blood work today but I don't know the results yet. I have lost a little weight which is concerning. I don't understsnad I am eating and not doing anything. She said the HELLP syndrome can cause that as it can also cause the baby to stop growing when I am still pregnatn. SO I will be having another ultrasound next week to see how big she is. I am thinking she is already bigger than Sammy was when he was born. That would be so awesome:)

PS: thank you NH Nadeau;s for the beautiful flowers:)

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