Sunday, October 31, 2010

Friends, candy and a hayride

Sammy all bundled up on the hayride

Sophia and Alex snuggled together

Alex, Trish and Sophia

Our little princess with her daddy


Today the kids got to wear their costumes and march in a parade. They thought it was a blast to be "in a parade." They also got to have a hayride with their friend Alex. It was really really cold today, so noses and little hands were freezing.
Something else that was kind of cool today, we saw someone who I had taken care of their child about a year or so ago at the hospital. I introduced her by name to Matt, and her response was that I had saved her child. I absolutely did not, but it sure felt nice to know that I had made such an impact in their lives. The even cooler part is that I have invited her to our MOPS group through the church and she has been attending this whole season so far.:-) I love to see how God opens doors for us to witness to others, and to see where that witnessing goes.

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