Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trombetta's Farm

Today Sammy and I went and celebrated Keegan's birthday at a wonderful place called Trombetta's Farm. This place has a woodworking shop where the kids can make little projects, an indoor miniature golf course (18 holes), and a party room where they supply the food, drinks, and ice cream cake with their own homemade icecream. Sammy had never been mini golfing before so he really enjoyed that as well as the woodworking.
He was pretty worn out after the day and fell asleep on the way home. He sounds so congested but is unable to get any of it to drain, regardless of anything we try. Not sure where to go from here. His antibiotics for the sinus infection are finished tomorrow but he is still very congested. And has started pushing his face up against the floor again.

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