Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another fun fall day:-)

We had a great day today. We went back to Wildwood Farm. The kids love it up there, as do I. Today I offered the option of hayrides and horse rides. Sam did both, and was beyond thrilled. Sophia didn't want to ride the horse at all, which is so funny since a few weeks ago she road a pony and loved it. But they both enjoyed the hayride.
Sam has had some weird symptoms the last few days so I am a little concerned that something is going on. He had diarrhea on thursday, and has been complaining again that "my bones hurt", as well as a low grade fever yesterday. Today he acted ok, although seemed to not have quite as much energy as normal, and then complained that he was sick a few times. Please keep him in your prayers

Sophia and Auntie Doreen

My handsome little man

Johanna and I

Doreen and Johanna: two of my beautiful sisters

Sam on the horse, he was so excited

The kids going on a hayride with their friends

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