Monday, October 18, 2010

More bleeding, more sickness, and more questions

Goodness, it feels like I have too much on my plate and am feeling so incredibly overwhelmed. Sammy started having explosive bloody watery diarrhea today, as well as his gums were bleeding. This is something we have NEVER dealt with before so it has been totally upsetting and scary to me. In the past there has been some bleeding if I brushed his teeth too hard, but today the bleeding was completely unrelated to anything.
I called his primary and told her about the diarrhea/bleeding thinking that she would possibly watn to stop the antibiotic. But at this point she wanted me to call the hematologist and GI. Both of these docs called me back with differing opinions: the hematologist believes that the increased bleeding is related to him being on zyrtec even though I was told that this would be fine for him to be on.:-( So she said to take him off it, and to wait a couple days to see if it gets better. If things get really bad with bleeding to bring him to the local ER. The GI doctor is unsure of what to do right now. I am supposed to call in a few days if he is still bleeding.
So I am not sure where this leaves us with Sam. Apparently we are going to wait this out for a few days as long as he is stable. And pray that all of this resolves.
We are also in the middle of planning/preparing for my grandmother's funeral on wednesday. Please keep the family in your prayers as there are many people traveling from all over. Please pray that Sammy is doing well enough to be ok for the funeral as well.

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