Saturday, October 30, 2010

Family Fall Fest

Cousins: Ava and Sophia

Three Amigos: Sam Hunter and Taron

Bubble Blaster: The boys had no problems swinging at the bubbles, but the little princesses wanted to pop them one at a time with one finger:-)

Sam Savannah and Sophia

Paige and Sophia working together to get the spiders in the web

Ryan throwing the beanbag to knock down the monkey

Sammy throwing the bean bag


Little Princesses

We had a great time friday night. We went to a carnival type thing. There were lots of games and stuff for the kids to play, and regardless they got tons of candy. It was awesome because it was at our church, so there was nothing scary or evil. They were warm and they were surrounded by people they knew. We even had some friends come and those kids had a lot of fun too.

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