Sunday, October 17, 2010


It has truly been a rough week. Last weekend my mom went down to virginia as my grandmother was doing poorly. They thought that she would do ok for a while longer, but my mom wanted to be there anyway. As this past week progressed we all realized thIt at her days left before meeting her Maker were few. So we started to try to work out a trip to see her. And I am so so thankful that we did. Sammy and I drove down to virginia through the night on thursday, we arrived at 5am on friday morning. We quickly went right up to bed and slept until 9am. When we woke up we went in to see grammie, it was so hard to see her so week and struggling.
But as we went in to her, and spoke with her she smiled and said our name. Sammy was so sweet, he said "GRammie I am trying to kiss your head but I can't reach." God orchestrated this whole thing that we could all get there. I feel so blessed to have gotten to see her. We arrived very shortly before she died. Sammy brought everything into perspective after she had died when he said "Now Grammie can go for walks with Jesus." It is amazing the knowledge and faith that this little boy of mine has. I am so thankful that he knows who God is and God's love for him. Please pray as we have people traveling from around the world for the funeral this week.
Also please pray for Sammy. It has been quite the rough week with him. Towards the beginnning of last week he started running some intermittent low grade fevers, and had the gasping and struggling to breath episodes. He was extremely congested, and the doctor prescribed an allergy med to attempt to help instead of antibiotics. But unfortunately they didn't seem to help, so we have now switched over to the antibiotics. And now yesterday (during our ride home) he has begun to experience bloody stools again. Praying that the sinus infection as well as the bloody stools resolves

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