Saturday, October 2, 2010


At our church there is a wonderful program called MPact, Mpact essentially is the Christian version of Girl Scouts. But MPact also hosts a class called Rainbows. Rainbows is for 3-5yr old boys and girls. Sam loves to go. He enjoys so much the teacher, who is absolutely amazing with her class. We love you Miss Melody.:-)
The Rainbows went on a field trip today to the Red Apple Farm. We had 19 kids! It was so much fun. Many of the kids had older siblings that joined us, and they paired up with the smaller kids. It was so cute to see 6-8yr olds watching out for the younger kids.

The cutest kids on my planet

This is Dabney and Sophia. Dabney did such a wonderful job with the littler kids. I was really impressed.

Sophia, Dabney and Hailee-Jo

One of many attempts at a group shot

Ava (our niece) and Sophia

Sam's perfect pumpkin

Look Mom I found my pumpkin

On the prowl for the best pumpkin

My little cutie on the hayride (or the "haybale" ride as some of the kids were calling it)

The whole crew on the hayride, minus me of course. With this whole back injury I am missing out on lots of fun stuff with my kiddos

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