Friday, October 1, 2010

IVIG friday:-(

I must say that this friday was one of the worst IVIG days EVER!!! It was a fiasco from start to finish. It was a terribly long day. We got there and they called in an anesthesiologist to start his IV. It was literally a bloody mess. I ended up going home (less than 5 minutes away) since my friend was there to change my bloody clothes, and get a clean outfit for Sam. RIDICULOUS, we both had to have wardrobe changes after a doc starts an IV.
Next the crazy medicine was NOT there for hours. We were supposed to start at 8am, and the medication didn't arrive until almost 1pm. Needless to say it certainly was a long day. I think just the tension and stress of the day made my back just throb.
Each time we have the IVIG they check Sam's liver enzyme levels. One of the side effects of the IVIG is that it can elevate the liver enzymes, which it has been doing. It has always been mild, but this time some had been slightly worse, and some slightly better. I am thankful that some of the levels are better, and praying that they will all get better.
In GOOD news Sam weighs 35lb 8oz!!! He has been doing really well in the last two weeks or so with eating! It is so wonderful to have him eating well, and feeling hungry and having a desire to eat without having any negative side effects. He has been on the protonix for a few weeks now and it seems to be doing very well to help him:-)
I have only one pic that I took. My little sister gave SAm a Nintendo DS and he thinks it is the coolest thing ever, I cringe to see him use it. But I guess occasionally is ok.

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