Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The weather was finally warm enough to be outside for a little while. The boys got to ride around the neighborhood, run around and write with chalk

This week was so crazy as we had two days of appointments in Boston, but Keegan's parents Laura and Bob were gracious enough to allow us to stay there tuesday night after the appointment at Mass General, and then they brought me out to the highway to get to Children's on wednesday morning for Sam's IVIG. Sam and Keegan have so much fun together and get along really well. Keegan has really taken Sammy under his wing, and is so protective and concerned for him. While Sammy was taking a bath at Keegan's he had another bleeding episode. Not as bad as a couple of weeks ago, but definitely significantly more than normal. :-( We are still waiting to get the information about this from the hematologist.

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