Monday, March 15, 2010


You know when you just have a bad feeling about something? Not sure exactly what it is but something is just very upsetting? That is where I am at. I got Sam's blood work results back from the hematologist on friday. And although they have said that he has a bleeding disorder it is quite overwhelming to actually read it in black and white. Harder still is to know that he shouldn't play contact sports, jump on a trampoline, or any other of the many boisterous physical things that little kids like to do. So how do I tell him now that he can't jump in the jumpy house? Or that he can't play sports like he ALREADY talks about when he is bigger? How do I tell him that he is always in danger of bleeding, and that he can't play like a normal kid? That he can't run around without the fear of him having an injury that causes bad bleeding?
But you know what is bothering me the most? His low White blood cell count, the comment that the hematologist made about a "possible bone marrow disfunction" and what both of these pieces of info are leading me to think in my brain.
OVERWHELMED, SAD, SCARED...enough said:-(

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