Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fireproof your Marriage

This week is possibly going to be quite crazy, I am praying that God carries us through. Matt and I are attending a study called Fireproof Your Marriage. Have you seen the movie FIREPROOF with Kirk Cameron? If you haven't I highly recommend it. This movie is about a couple struggling in their marriage, and about how they rebuilt their marriage for the stronger. This is the link to the site about the movie. Check it out. I am so excited that we are doing this, and about the hope that this isn't it for us, that God has a bigger better plan. We are also reading the book the Love Dare, this is a challenge in order to day by day treat your spouse as they deserve, as we have been called to do. It is so encouraging to me to be doing this.
Sammy and I will be in Boston a lot this week. Tuesday is our trip into Mass General for the second opinion in the Coordinated Care Clinic. Dr V is writing up a comprehensive history of Sam, so that prayerfully they won't want to repeat anythign that has already been done.
Tuesday night Sammy and I are sleeping over Keegan, Laura and Bob's house. This is Sam's little IVIG buddy. And the boys are just thrilled beyond words to know that this is coming up. And it is so nice for me to have someone to sit and chat with face to face about all of the anxieties that come along with having a chronically ill child, that most people don't completely understand.
Wednesday we have IVIG, and of course we are thrilled that we will be seeing Khadeisha, and that I don't have to drive from home in to the city both days. Thanks Laura and Bobby.
I have some amazing wonderful friends who will be caring for Sophia on these days. Thank you to Shannon and Chris. PS I am praying NOW that she sleeps well for you:-)
Thursday I am not sure what is going on yet, friday is playdate, friday night I am working. Sunday is my best friend's bridal shower etc etc
We are still waiting to hear about the capsule endoscopy but that is going to be relatively soon too. Busy busy!!!

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