Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Man I feel like we can't get a break lately with these two kids. Brought them both to the docter yesterday, as they both have been feeling pretty under the weather. Sam really hasn't felt well since wednesday but was acting ok enough that I thought that the IVIG would really perk him up and get him over whatever he is fighting. But unfortunately it is not. He has had a low grade temp until last night and is now running a little bit low. He has a cough, runny nose, and NO energy, even slept almost 15 hours last night!!! I placed a call to his primary today (she was off yesterday so we saw someone else) and am waiting for a call back.
Sophia didn't really start acting sick until sunday night, but since he was sick I figured whatever he has she did too so I brought them both. Low and behold Sophia has an ear infection, so that explains her irritability and fever. But then last night she got a rash, I called the doctor and he wasn't overly concerned about it so we are just going to keep on going here. And then she also started to vomit. I am praying that I just don't get puked on today, that essentially is my goal for the day.
It's kind of weird, Sophia certainly has more symptoms of being sick, but Sam is the one that is really scaring me. He just has NO energy and now with the lower temps I am really anxious about him. So please just keep all of us in your prayers as we muddle through whatever these crazy illnesses are...
And to top it off, Sam is supposed to have his capsule endoscopy on thursday, and Sophia's birthday is supposed to be this weekend. Ugghhh, we will just do the best we can.

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