Friday, March 19, 2010

Boston CHildren's Museum

My handsome little boy and I 8-)

Concentrating hard as a construction worker

This little face just melts me. You can tell he doesn't feel well with the bags under his eyes, but isn't he just so sweet?!?

Not sure if you are a Curious George fan but this is the Doorman costume and Sam was so happy to wear it:-)

Sam's buddy George. HE just climbed right up next to him and kept looking at him, I wish I could have been inside his head to know what he was thinking about his favorite little friend

Wheeeee!!!!! Sliding down George's rocket ship

Going to outerspace with George and his rocket ship

One of the many water tables that Sam had a blast at while we were there.

Flying a plane! He had a blast with this. There was an actual throttle and when he pulled it back it took off down the runway and into the air.

Arthur TV, they actually stood in front of the camera and were then played on the tv. I don't think he quite understood this.

They are laying underneath a see-through turtle exhibit. They were watching them swim all around above them.

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