Thursday, March 4, 2010

GI appointment and Boston CHildren's

Today we had a follow up appointment for Sophia at the GI clinic. He was happy with her growth, althoug he wished it had been more. She now weighs in at 23lb 9oz and is 32 inches tall. She is getting to be such a big girl. She is in about the 15percentile or so. We will go back in three months and if she has maintained her weight then we will only have to follow up with our primary instead of GI!!! It will be nice to have one less specialist appointment.
The GI and I did talk about Sam while we were there. He is anxiously awaiting the approval from our insurance to do the capsule endoscopy for Sam within the next couple of weeks. He said that there is very minimal risk with this procedure, besides the anesthesia piece. Sam has done really well with anesthesia in the past. The study will take about 3pictures a second as it travels throughout his GI tract. He is hoping to see exactly where the tissue is prone to bleed. If it something that is easily visualized they will try to remove that tissue ASAP in order to prevent further bleeding episodes. So I am not sure what I am praying for in this case, I just want God to heal him. Do I pray the scope reveals somethign so they can remove it and hopefully alleviate the risk of more bleeding in the very near future. Or do I pray that they find nothign and still have this anxiety over when he will bleed like that again?? I don't know:-(
In other fun news, they were doing a fundraiser today at CHildren's and the kids were actually interviewed and photographed:-) They are raising money for Childrens. Some of the stories were so gut wretching, it is easy for me to get overwhelmed and scared with all we are dealing with SAm. But today I am so thankful to God that He continues to love and protect Sam, we are so fortunate, it could be so much worse. He has had some increased fussing and irritability in the last few days, and seems to definitely be dragging, but today was a good day for him. And we get IVIG next week
We also got to see Keegan today which is always fun and Auntie Chantal came to help me tame my two wild indians while we were there:-)

The kids lined up for the photographer for the radio station. Notice my two are totally uninterested

Sam being a total ham for everyone and making them laugh

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