Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Modified barium swallow

Today we go for Sophia's modified barium swallow. I am kind of dreading it as I don't think she will do well. We shall see. She has been so irritable and fussy these last few days. I brought her in to see the doctor yesterday, as she had been running a temp all weekend and has had the loose stools for ten days now. The doctor said she looked a tiny bit dehydrated, that her throat was red, and that her stomach was certainly gurgling a lot. He contemplated antibiotics butwe both felt like since this could be viral lets not. I don't want her on any antibiotics if I can help it as she has already been allergic to two of them. She has lost a few ounces, but again nothing huge. So we wait it out. The doctor is going to call us today to see how she is doing.

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