Sunday, May 17, 2009

Has the lack of IVIG caught up with us?

Oh my! Sammy is running a high temp and is lethargic today. He isn't eating and has been clingy. He seems to have some cold symptoms which he has had for almost a week, but the nasal drainage is still clear so I don't believe that he has a sinus infection or anything like that. His lungs sound questionable, maybe he has developed bronchitis or pneumonia or something. We have had to use the albuterol and that seems to help but I guess this will start being our true test. WE are almost two months out since the last IVIG, and although we have been feeling under the weather for a couple of weeks off and on there has been nothing major. I wonder what this will turn out to be? Sophia also continues to be sick and has a terrible cough and nasal congestion. But she doesn't have a fever. I guess we shall see.

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tiff said...

I hope that it's nothing too serious but two months out... isn't that when the half life of the IVIG is up? Poor Sammy, poor little Sophia too and Poor you. You must be so worried. i woould be. I don't think you ever really relax, do you?